Allen Edmonds Review

Allen Edmonds Men’s Porter Derby Sneaker
Rubber sole
Allen Edmond Men’s Strandmok Oxford Shoe
Made in the USA and Imported
Rubber sole
Allen Edmond Men’s Boulevard Cap Toe Dress Shoes
Cap-toe blutcher/derby dress shoe
Premium calfskin leather upper
Leather sole - All about Soles

Allen Edmonds Review

When it comes to fashion, I have to admit that I do not know much. It has never peaked my interest, and I always wore clothes and shoes that made me look good, but comfortable at the same time. I do not believe in suffering for fashion, and just because some dude in Milan said that something is going to be in season, I do not really care. Comfort and convenience should always be on top of your list when you buy apparel, and if it happens to be in trend, so be it.

However, there are a few things that men must be aware of. My father always told me that a man must always have something in his wardrobe that is ready to wear at any given time. He was talking about a well-tailored suit and pair of dress shoes that go with it. It took a while until I could afford a nice suit, and it took me a while to find high-quality shoes at a price that was not too high but still had some personality. That was when I discovered Allen Edmonds.

Allen Edmonds, mostly for Americans, is the standard when it comes to men’s dress shoes. The company has been around since 1922, and its success began after it made shoes for the soldiers in the second World War. After, the brand had their shoes worn by American presidents such as Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush at their inaugurations. It is a pretty big deal, and the impact it had was tremendous. Now, Allen Edmonds makes anything from dress shoes to golf shoes. I have to admit that they are well-made and they look amazing at the same time.

What is there to like about Allen Edmonds?

The right question is what there is not to like about Allen Edmonds? The shoes they make are what I like to call ‘classical beauties.’ Elegance is the first word used to describe them. The round last and the conservative style make any man look well dressed. Even so, the conservative style is somehow brought to modern ages so that the shoes do not look old. It is a brilliant combination, which is why so many people, myself included, love them so much.

The shoes made by Allen Edmonds are the perfect example of a traditional item that looks good in modern days. The designs differ from one pair to the other, but they all have something catchy in their look. Just take a look at a few pairs, and you will see what I am talking about.


I decided to start with this one because, in my opinion, this matters the most. If a shoe is comfortable, looks good, and has other features that you appreciate, but they are poorly-made, you should not even bother to analyze them further.

Allen Edmonds shoes are somewhat a standard among American men. The shoes are made of leather of the highest quality, and the construction is flawless. They are fantastic for entry-level brands. At the moment, I have nothing to compare them with.

One thing that is worth mentioning about quality is that the leather is soft, but at the same time, you can feel that the shoes are durable and thick. However, they can feel a bit stiff at first. Do not worry; that goes away after you wear them for a while. Just to make myself clear, the stiffness I am talking about is not bothering. It is just stiff.

As for the details, the Allen Edmonds shows are sheer perfection. The perforations are neat, and the stitching is flawless. The cap-toes decorations will let you in awe. Leaving aesthetics aside, the quality of the Allen Edmonds shoes is best seen in their comfort. The sole is very well attached to the upper, even if there are fewer stitches per inch comparing to other dress shoes.

Speaking about soles, the Allen Edmonds shoe soles are very well constructed. We all know the impact of a high-quality shoe sole. Chances are that you had, at some point, some cheap dress shoes that killed your heels. The leather at the bottom is somewhat hard and does not have a unique finish. The manufacturer used rubber for the heels. My point is that the soles do not have anything special as far as design is concerned, but they are comfortable and will help you if you plan to wear dress shoes 8 hours a day. For me, that is essential, and I guess it is for most men.


As far as the ‘fit’ goes, I had a small problem with my Allen Edmonds shoes, but I think it was because I made a mistake in choosing the right pair, and you can learn from my mistake. First of all, I want to point out that never in my life have I ever got a pair of shoes that fit perfectly. As we all know, there is no such thing as perfectly identical feet. Everything in our body different (ears, arms, feet.) With that being said, I bought the right size, but as you know, the problem with dress shoes is that they are not wide enough. I can see why. There is nothing elegant about a very wide shoe. It makes you look like a duck J

The mistake I made was that I purchased an 8.5E but did not consider socks. I had some discomfort for a while. Lucky for me, leather gives in a bit after you wear it for a while. However, that is how I figured out that an 8.5EE is the right choice for me. So, do not blame the shoes on this one. It was all me. Just remind yourself to add socks to the equation. Allen Edmond has a vast variety of sizes, and you can choose the one that fits you best.


A review is not a review if you do not add some criticism. With that being said, my primary critic is the soles. Do not get me wrong. They are comfortable, well-made, and they give you the support you need. However, looking at the upper design, the elegant stitches, and the perfect perforation, it makes me wonder why the designer chose to not bother at all with the aesthetics of the soles? There is nothing special about them. They look perfectly ordinary. You may be tempted to think that ‘Dude! It is just a sole! It is meant to stay on the ground!’ I agree from the most part. Soles are not actually made to catch your eyes. It is just that I feel a little bit disappointed.

My favorite Allen Edmonds shoes

Ever since I discovered Allen Edmonds shoes, it is hard for me to for something else. I cannot afford more expensive shoes, so at the moment, this brand is the best I can buy. However, I did buy two pairs so far, and I wanted to share my experience wearing them. I will not be long, I promise. Keep in mind that what applies to me may not apply to you, but I guess it is better to have an honest opinion.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Porter Derby Sneaker

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This is the second pair of Allen Edmonds I bought. My first pair was a pair of dress shoes. However, I thought that I should start with something more casual. These sneakers are not the cheapest you will find. In fact, you could probably go for something from Nike or Puma, and they would be cheaper. Even so, I am pretty satisfied with this pair. The reason I liked them so much when I first saw them was that they have no logos on either side. They are very simple, but that is the style I like most.

The Allen Edmonds Derby sneakers are white, and they are made of real leather. The rubber sole is very comfortable. The most I had worn these shoes were 27 hours. It was during a trip, and the circumstances did not allow me to take my shoes off. During that time I walked, slept, and run in them. My feet came out in a pretty good condition. As good as it is possible after wearing shoes for 27 hours.

The design is neat. As I said, these shoes look simple but elegant. They go very well to casual wear, as well as smart casual. They are durable as long as you take care of them. Never wash them in the washing machine, and try to keep them away from water. Just try to avoid running while heavy raining. Cleaning is pretty easy, but you will need a special cleaning solution for white leather. That will prolong the shoes’ lifespan, and it will make them keep that ‘new shoes’ for longer. Other than that, this is a pair of shoes that I highly recommend.

Allen Edmond Men’s Strandmok Oxford Shoe

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These Allen Edmond shoes are the pair of dress shoes I said above that I bought. It was my first pair from Allen Edmond, and they have introduced me to this brand. I use them for work or when I go to events, and they are an eye-catcher. When I first saw them, I was very impressed with how they looked, and I really wanted them, even if they are not the cheapest dress shoes you will ever find.

They are made of real leather, and they can be a little stiff when you first wear them. However, do not worry, the shoes will let go at some point. For me, it took about two weeks until I noticed that I do not feel that hard leather on my feet. But I wore them every day of the week, so if you have multiple pairs of dress shoes, it may take longer for you. The sole is made of rubber, and it is nothing special about it. That is my only disappointment. Even so, they are comfortable, and you can wear them like me, every day of the week, and not have your feet sore. The heel is about 1-inch, but it looks very nice combined with the suit.

As for design, these shoes are amazing. The cap-toe oxford features decorative broguing, contrast stitching, and a medallion toe. Just make sure that you combine these shoes with the right suit. As for maintenance, they are pretty demanding. You need to clean them after every use and use only a damp cloth. Also, do not forget about brushing, and a high-quality leather cream is a must. That way, they will not lose their shine.

Allen Edmond Men’s Boulevard Cap Toe Dress Shoes

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I do not own this pair. Not yet at least. It is on my wishlist, though. They have a pretty high price, but I will do my best on getting them as fast as possible. I know it sounds like a woman’s cliché, but I fell in love with them when I first saw them. I just hope that they are as comfortable as other buyers say they are.

Just to paint a picture of the reason I want them so much, here are a few features. The upper is made of premium calfskin leather. It has a simple, but brilliant (in my opinion) finish. It is shiny, and the simplicity is stunning. The finish is smooth with the exception of a perforated band over the toes.

Ths sole, this time, is made of leather as well. It is probably why these shoes are more expensive than the others. The heel does not seem very high, and the stitching looks excellent. From what I read online, they are very comfortable, and with proper maintenance, they will remain as new for a very long time. Hopefully, I come back soon with an ‘after-purchase’ review.


Allen Edmonds shoes are the ‘go-to’ shoes when you cannot afford big brands. They are not the most expensive, but they are not the cheapest either. However, another thing that my father told me is that a man must always invest in a good bed and a good pair of shoes because when you are not in one, you are in the other. That is a good principle to live by, and the Allen Edmonds shoes will help you accomplish that. Click here to buy on Amazon

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